When the blaming is already degrading and the respect is already missing, always remember, quitting is not always a sign of cowardice; it is also an indication of courage. You have to love yourself first. Know your worth because you deserve the best not just the better or even the good. Though, opportunity comes only once, but there will always be good opportunities, it will just knock on your door and you just need to open that door and allow yourself to be surprised by it. Life is a LEARNING and a TEACHING process. Do not allow yourself to be like dead fish who just go with the flow. You have to stand out, speak up and be firm.

A Princess (Reflection from SFC Knights Tale and Princess Diaries 2015)

Being a Princess is not about having a crown but having a Good Heart, a Good Attitude and a Good Posture. A heart of a Princess belongs to God. We are created as women, we should be rejoicing because we are one. As women, we are the crown of Creation. Put in mind also the phrase from Talk 1 which says, “RELATIONSHIP TO BE PURSUED”, that we should be the one to be pursued. The HEART OF A WOMAN (Talk 2) always belongs to God. As a woman, we desire to romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty. We know deep in our hearts that “We are beautiful beloved children of God.” Be a better women after being PIERCED (Talk 3) and change to a NEW HEARTBEAT (Talk 4). The questions: Are we the Dominating Women, proving the lies are untrue by hiding or denying our heart’s desires or the Desolating Women, who affirms these lies by clinging to people, situations and relationships, hoping that they will fulfill these desires? As we started to change to a NEW HEARTBEATS, claim that Jesus has already healed our Pierced Hearts. We know we can’t do away with a lifetime of taunts in just one night but I am sure this talk helped us see something that most of the time we failed to see. As our speaker told us to Pray and Forgive Ourselves, Forgive Others -the women in our lives who failed to show us what true womanhood means, the men in our lives who failed to protect our fragile hearts, and those who failed to see how innately sensitive we are and treat us accordingly. As the speaker urged us to forgive God, because somewhere, somehow, or at some point in our lives, we have blamed God. (It’s true; we blame him most of the time). We are bombarded with questions in ourselves, in our hearts but only one should answer those questions- ONLY GOD SHOULD. And all His answers are a definite YES to all our questions, and I am sure that while we were dancing with Him that morning- I know, we knew it as the truth and that we were POWERED BY GOD’S LOVE (Talk 5).

God, indeed, has designed us, not only to be beautiful, but captivating, worthy to be pursued or romanced, and worthy to be loved, by the King Himself.

Others may not think so, but that is only because they do not believe this of themselves. Once WE do, we’ll see everyone as worthy of being the same – God’s creation, sons and daughters of the Lord…
His Princesses and Knights.

And that two days retreat, I am very much sure that we rediscovered the greatest romance of our lives.

And just like what I said that second morning, “Congratulations Princesses, you are already Redeemed by the love of God. HAPPY MENDING HEART!!!”

We can surely take care of ourselves, but PLEASE DO TAKE CARE OF OUR HEARTS. Hahaha!

We were born to Lead.
For we were made in His likeness
Created in His image and we were born to SERVE the Lord.

Born to Grace.
Born to Worship.
Born to Praise.
Born to be an instrument of God.

All for the Glory of God!

Love Yourself First

There are certain phases in life wherein it is absolutely reasonable to be egocentric, to love yourself a little bit more, and to focus physically, mentally and emotionally on achieving your goals, to do whatsoever and everything that you like, want and love. It is okay to let go of some relationships even if it is hard and painful but that doesn’t mean forgetting what had happened before or disremembering the ties, the smiles, the happiness and the love. It’s just that you know you really need time to help yourself heal from the brokenness caused by failed relationship. To mend your heart, to restore it and bring it back to what it really is, just like before, to fix yourself and to improve, to grow. To learn and pray for the gift of acceptance, to understand and to help yourself love again. It is completely acceptable to disconnect yourself from people who created a very significant part in your being. Notwithstanding the choice, the decision and the action, just remember that the intention is not to hurt other people especially those who have been part of this blissful life. You just have to Love yourself first.

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