MAKATI City – One of the seven workshops organized as part of the International Conference of Singles for Christ was the “The Body Matters”, wherein more than Two Thousand Single man and woman celebrating the 25th Anniversary with one mission as one community under the umbrella of Couples for Christ participated, thereto. This was held at Barangay Sta. Cruz Community Complex on the second day of the conference, February 17, 2018 and was carried by Fr. Joel O. Jason.

Amidst the discomfort in the venue, the speaker invited us to offer that moment to the Lord for everything that is offered to Him, it is never wasted and it always bear fruits.

The key foundation of the workshop was the book entitled “Theology of the Body” by Pope John Paul II. He commenced by expounding that the “Theology of the Body” is comparable to an “oxymoron” which denotes two opposite words when put together will make something clearer. Moreover, he stated that “Theology” is not material, rather it is spiritual whereas, the “Body” is very much material, hence, the challenge is to grasp the sagacity of the two and act in response to the necessity of both.

Theology of the Body is a series of Biblical reflections on God’s plan for male and female, love, marriage and human sexuality. For the Human Person, the Body is a symbol which is sacred, wherein, there is a close unity between the symbolizer and what is being symbolized, which once action is separated from inner content, would result to it being meaningless, destructive, wounding and a mockery. The body is an expression of the person for the true nature of a person is “Human Being”, which implies the union of Body and Spirit.

Fr. Jason, likewise explained that the language of our body is destined to speak in behalf of God and the person but because of the modern rationalism, all of reality became dictated by the mind and the senses that if the latter can perceive anything, such thing is real. Otherwise, it does not exist. Added that, the designation of a part of the body is a representation of the whole person, therefore, an injury to the body is injury to the whole person.

“Nowadays, our culture defines sexual gestures as one which is detached from its original meaning and content which produces a sacrilege, a lie,” he stressed.

Three philosophy of the human sexuality:

1. STOIC which states that pleasure is an evil to reject. If it feels good, it must be sinful and it negates the world’s pleasure.

2. ADDICT which pleasure is treated as an idol to be worshiped. If it feels good, just do it and it inflates the pleasures of the world.

3. MYSTIC which states that pleasure is an icon that points to heaven. If it feels good it is meant to be a preview of coming attractions and it sublimates the world’s pleasure.

We, as SFC should not neglect the mark of excellence which is the sin. Sin which is a reminder for each and everyone to redirect our passion, our lives and point it to the one who will truly satisfy our hearts, only then we will become a Mystics.

Further, he associated sexuality to being in the stage of vulnerability, for without the idea of the latter, love and its expressions in the former becomes a matter of self-getting instead of self-giving. He exclaimed that one cannot truly love unless one is willing to be vulnerable– to be expurgated and wounded, to sacrifice for the sake of the beloved.

Theology of the body taught us to think about body and sexuality on its deepest meaning which is actually love that is indicated in the bible.

A Love which is always Trinitarian.
A love which is willing to lay down a life for another.
And this very LOVE was revealed through spousal love, wherein St. Paul said that the wives should submit themselves to their husbands as the husbands do to the Lord. Submission which comes from the words, “Sub” which means “under” and “mission”. For this was St. Paul’s way of telling the wives to put their selves “under” the “mission” of their husbands. And the husbands, to love their wives as Christ loved the church by dying for the sake of the same. Hence, the mission of the husband according to Paul is to be ready to die for their wives and the wives to allow the husbands to die for them.

This workshops bottom line revealed that everything arises in between is a narration of the love of God and humanity’s constant infidelity. The whole of the bible is the love story between God and humanity. An agape love. A benevolent love. For Bible is the account of Gods #RELENTLESS LOVE.