Love Yourself First

There are certain phases in life wherein it is absolutely reasonable to be egocentric, to love yourself a little bit more, and to focus physically, mentally and emotionally on achieving your goals, to do whatsoever and everything that you like, want and love. It is okay to let go of some relationships even if it is hard and painful but that doesn’t mean forgetting what had happened before or disremembering the ties, the smiles, the happiness and the love. It’s just that you know you really need time to help yourself heal from the brokenness caused by failed relationship. To mend your heart, to restore it and bring it back to what it really is, just like before, to fix yourself and to improve, to grow. To learn and pray for the gift of acceptance, to understand and to help yourself love again. It is completely acceptable to disconnect yourself from people who created a very significant part in your being. Notwithstanding the choice, the decision and the action, just remember that the intention is not to hurt other people especially those who have been part of this blissful life. You just have to Love yourself first.


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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