Should I?

I know how difficult it is to be with someone like me, someone so unpredictable, straightforward, bipolar, undefined, and inconsistent, just like a medication that can make you so high and at the same time can make you so down. Thank you for being with me even if sometimes I am already pushing you out of my way. Salamat kasi kahit minsan binibitiwan kita, ikaw yung mahigpit pa rin na kumakapit sa akin para hindi ako makawala kasi alam mong nadala lang ako ng sobrang emosyon ko.

I love you!

That is maybe because you really do understand how weak I am so you’re not letting me depart from you. The brainy kind of kid yet foolish. The nice one yet snotty. The independent, the smart-aleck, the too much of something that others cannot handle. Thank you for being my friend even if sometimes I am thinking that I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve someone who is so patient with me, someone who can control my uncontrollable personality, my overpowering attitude, my domineering viewpoints, my desire to have a jurisdiction of the whole thing. Thank you for loving me so unconditionally. Thank you for being with me especially in times of my inconveniences and my brokenness. Thank you for trusting me and for believing that I can do anything with my uniqueness and capabilities. Thank you for lifting up my confidence. Thank you for telling me my senselessness, my craziness and all. Thank you for saying you’re sorry even if it is actually I who should tell you “I’M SORRY”.

Ang ganda ng picture. Sana lagi ka lang nasa unahan ko para bantayan ako, para tingnan ako, para protektahan ako lalo na ang puso ko, that’s the best thing na gusto kong ginagawa mo kasi alam mong kaya kong gawin ang kahit ano maliban sa pag-aalaga sa sarili ko. Stay with me…ALWAYS..ALWAYS… I am already satisfied with my life now, basta be with me always.

May tanong lang ako: Should I forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness? Who don’t even realize his faults? Should I ask him to tell me he’s sorry for doing nothing? For verbalizing nothing? Or just accept that he is actually NOTHING? Or is it for him I am just NOTHING?


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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