Thank You for Breaking my Heart

Is it wrong to love a person and ask him to love you back with the equivalent measure of your love for him?
Is it wrong to say things which your heart also wants to overhear from him?
Is it wrong to ask him things which you think you are worthy to receive?
Am I really demanding to ask for a little time from the hectic schedule of him?
Is it wrong to give your all efforts for him to know how much you love him?
Are my words uncertain that he cannot understand the kind of woman I am?
Through my rise and fall, is it wrong to request him to be there?
I have so much love in my heart which I cannot contain.
Why is it so hard for him to accept the negative parts of me? Or is it just me thinking that he cannot agree to take me for who I am?

Is it really hard to handle a woman like me who is used to be sturdy and have so much of everything?

If loving someone that much to the point that he is already suffering from that love, what should a person do?
Is it a wrong way of loving or is it just me doing the wrong things in loving?
Is it too much if you assume something from him?
Is expecting really a wrong thing?
Is loving really about just giving?
Is loving really about just sacrificing?
To the point that you are already hurting?
I am dying inside because I know I still love him, and loving him is already painful.
It just doesn’t feel right.
My heart is drenching in tears.
I cannot manage the fears.
I am afraid to accept and see that everything is already changing.
I am broken, and I am already shouting, I hope he hears me.
I am blinded cause it’s him everything I see.
If I brag the love I have for him, would he be there to listen?
If I say I need him right now, would he dare to run and be with me?
I have so many words that I want to say but now all I want is just him to stay.
I am slowly and quietly fading.
Is it okay to ask him to catch me when I’m falling?

Too many questions, but the answers are unidentified.
Too many doubts, I wanted to burry in ground.
I am searching the right way to start.
I am still thinking how to start.
Because in every moment that he is near, I really don’t know what to do; I cannot paint the reaction and emotions here in my heart.

I feel alone in this journey.
I got lost.
I want to revert into dust.

Oh! Why is it to be like this?
When all I want is just you holding my arms.

Oh, God! If I asked you for too much, help me to accept and understand the fate of my Love. And if it is your way for you to completely consume me of your love, even if it is difficult and the grief is really unbearable, let me just say, “Thank You for Breaking my Heart.”


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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