Pagtatapat (Confession)

Anong koneksyon ng litrato na to sa post ko?? Wala. Na-miss ko lang yung buhok kong maiksi. Thinking na magpagupit na ulit ng ganito kaya lang di naman ako broken hearted so what for?! 🙂

Can’t think so much of what to write for my never ending treatments for the script of my Project, maybe because I’ am so sleepy already, I was obliged to wake up very early today for the MAGPAS coverage in Paco (Take note: Very early and that is 6:00 in the morning, that’s already VERY early for me :)). Kapag natulog ka ng 1am, 6am ay napakaaga na para sa akin para gumising unlike sa usual alarm clock ko na 7:15am. Nakainom na ng kape at kumain ng chocolate pero wala pa din effect. After many days spent reading and writing for script, it’s maddeningly challenging to sit down and write a blog post!

There are times when I find myself invigorated by my works especially in scriptwriting. I ’am not that so much good in writing but I can write. I’ am not a writer; I ‘am a scriptwriter but who knows sooner or later I can also be a very good writer.

In short, most of the time it feels like I spend my days multiplying words. I write many words, read even more, in my effort to come to know better. Selfishly, I love my work because ahmmm (will think why).


Sorry bitin, will continue this post maybe my Tuesday na..haha 🙂 dahil nga sa antok na ko, at till 4pm lang ako ngayon sa trabaho, mag-out na ko then prepare para umuwi ng Laguna..Yahooooooooo!


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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