Love is the Light

“It’s not about having your needs met; it’s about meeting the needs of another.  It’s not about being served, but serving.  It’s not about keeping track; it’s about paying the price.  It’s not about finally getting everything you have always wanted; it’s about forgiving another for who they cannot be. Love is giving without expecting something in return. It is sacrificing yourself for the sake of anothers. It never counts how much you have given; it is counting how much you can give. It is always good. Love gives happiness not loneliness. It sees everything, it is never blind. It is NOT like a roses with thorns. It gives us the feeling that is hard to explain yet it brightens our day and give us a big smile.

LOVE is always the message, perpetual message of the bible, wherever you go, anywhere, the special message of the bible is always L-O-V-E. Spelled in glittering and shining letters, very bold at that L-O-V-E.

Love is not a noun—something to have. 

Love is a verb—something to do.


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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