A Life with Christ

These past few days, as Segment Producer also known as Researcher, I happened to browse some articles about life and individuals (those articles were not part of my job by the wayJ). Honestly, until now, I’ m still not really sure of where I am going. I just do what I think I should do. I say what I want to say and I live my life as it is, but of course, “tao lang ako”, not perfect like everyone else, living with so many expectations, demands and plans. So many dreams, I want to be like this and that. I want to have these and those. I “maybe” still not know the true meaning of existence.

When I was a kid, my dream was to fulfil the “unfulfilled” reveries of my parents. I want to be the best daughter they wanted me to be. I may not be the best Segment Producer in media industry today; I still want them to know that I can do more than anything in the world, more than anyone else, with my uniqueness and creativity, knowledge and abilities.

There are so many things flying and swimming in my head.

Sometimes how I wish I own a world, where playing and sleeping are all that matters.

A place where I may possibly laugh and cry even without reason.

A place where nobody’s watching me.

A world where everything seems to be perfect.  No need to study and work hard.

A place of freedom and happiness.

And a world where there is someone waiting to be my company.

After reading some of the articles written in SFC weebly, I turned out to be more enthusiastic in becoming a member of the community– as they call it, the Singles for Christ (SFC).

Maybe you’re asking me WHY? Why SFC?

Because I was fascinated by the SFC’s tagline, “Every Single Men and Women All over the World Experiencing Christ”.

Every single men and women experiencing Christ, ang lalim di ba?! “It is true that most single professional men and women have been burdened in achieving their objectives in life. They are all busy climbing the ladder to success”. Busy earning money for their families and even for themselves. Occupied by temporary stuff in their temporary lives and I confess, I’m one of them.

What do I want to make out of my life?

To be able to live a life with full contentment, to be able to live a life in accordance to what is right and just, to be a good person and a blessing to others. To be a little source of happiness and comfort– these are the things I really wanted to be, things I really wanted to do, it is hard, though. I hope and I pray that through this community, I may be able to find the true meaning of existence, not just having everything in this world because I know deep in myself, deep in my heart, Life isn’t about material things, not about fame and money and success. There is a mystery in life which even I cannot tell nor define by simply having these earthly entities.

As I begin this journey closer to the Lord, I sincerely pray that I may always be guided by Him in every step that I take, that I may be able to keep my eyes and ears, my mind and my heart open to His works and His words. As I enter to the new chapter of My life with Christ, I hope that I may also be empowered by his spirit so that I may be able to comply with all the “requisites” needed, let me use this word. Requisites of being a true Christian, not just in words but in actions. Finally, that I may be able to realize how beautiful the world is, because it is soaked with the presence of God.

And at this very moment, My Aim is to Experience the Love of God.


Author: Michelle Maldo Peñarubia

I am not weird, I am just one of a kind creature.

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